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GIST: 10 Artists To Look Up To This Year 2017

In my opinion, here is the list of Artists that I think we should look up to this year 2017.

1. Sean Dice

This guy is too bad when it comes to his field. Sean dice is new a school reggae artist who is really making waves. In 2016, he dropped ‘She Bad’ produced by Fmbass beatx and mixed & mastered by Suka Sounds, which got massive airplay Nationwide. Google the name Sean Dice and see why he said he’s a small boy with big God. I think the industry should give him a chance because he has a lot to offer.

2. Skyo

Skyo is one singer who is not relenting in giving out his best, he dropped a couple of songs last year featuring artists like Hype Mc, Grandmix etc, and he has proved himself to be the best of his kind. Days ago he dropped a new jam titled ‘Hold You Down’ featuring one of the baddest vocalist Jay Wheels. So watch out for him this year.

3. Dino

Dino is a new kid on the block, he’s of the young and sickest rapper we all should watch out for this year. He recently dropped a single ‘More guts More glory’ which is getting massive airplay. Expect more from him this year.

4. Olawa

Olawa is that female rapper & singer that showed us a little of what she’s made of last year. She’s getting much attention due to her recent activities. Anticipate her new jam ‘Take it slow’ which will drop soon, so wait on it.

5. Wiffer

Wiffer is gradually buying the soul of many people and enlarging his fan base with his awesome freestyles, mixtapes and collaborations, we expect more from him this year, watch out for him.

6. El’dani

El’dani is one vocalist you all should watch out for in 2017, he made huge impact in 2016. He’s really making waves in the industry. Last year, he got a lot of collaborations and he also dropped ‘Loke Loke’ recently featuring his label mate Sean Dice. You really want to know why he’s called the ‘African Voice’, watch out for him this year.

7. Splendceezy

Splendceezy is another singer that is gradually getting massive attention due to the release of the hit track ‘Holla’ we expect more from him this year, watch out for him.

8. Kassidy

This guy is a badass when it comes to singing, he has his own way of adding flavour to his songs which makes it irresistible for those who has heard him. He dropped a fresh song ‘Bless Me’ for his fans. He’s cooking more, so it’s back to back this year.

9. F1d

The good thing about being an artist is knowing the field you belong to. F1d is one artist who has always proved himself to be too good, he’s gradually getting attention. In 2016, he bagged an award (Best singer of the year) at the 043xclusive Awards 2016. 2017 is gonna be hot, so watch for him.

10. Danny Kay

Danny Kay is one artist who made me believe more in an upcoming artist hustle. He recently dropped new songs and I advice you go listen to the songs because you must love them. He has a to offer so let’s watch out for him this year.

Which other artist did think is missing?

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