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GIST: Lady blast an harassing solder man on social media 

blossom Juliet as known on social media has blasted a solder man openly on facebook for harassing her on facebook ranging from wrong comments and threats to live. The solder man with name Amaechi Celestine Ezaka has continually harrased and said all wrong comment on her wall and post as claimed by her. ..

see her post below

“It is not in my nature to demean or affront people, but that doesn’t mean that when someone leap or trample upon me I will keep Calm. I was forced to react in this manner.

Dear Amaechi Celestine Ezaka, do you know me in person? The answer is no and as well I don’t know you. Have we meet before? The answer is still no. What is now your headache? This Authoritarian, pointless, insensible, darn and damn soldier is looking for my trouble for no reasons.

Cotton squared soldier for that matter. Haba! U sent me friend request which I accepted after 6-7 months later, u stared chatting with me telling me how much you valued, loved and cherished me and I said thank you. You begged for my digit, which I told you that communicating here on Facebook messenger is not too bad as if I know you kind of person.

Last year as Xmas approaches, u asked if I will be traveling so we hook up in our state, My answer was yes, of which I couldn’t make it. Then you called and sounded so obnoxious and superior manner to me. Maybe bcos of ur kaki uniform or u think is every lady u see on social media that care about men.

I really appreciate ur online calling, u do call each time I’m online just to tell me how much u valued and cherished Me, how you appreciate everything about me. Next thing you invited me over to North which I’ve forgotten the state you claimed your discharging your duties and I told you it won’t be possible. And u stop chatting and video calling after you complained hail that I don’t initiate chat except u do.

Sometimes ago, u sent me message that your in Lagos can we see and I told you I was busy. Mind you I’ve brothers and sisters here in Lagos that are so Dear to me but time never permit me to see them due to the nature of my work.

Yet they still calls. After a while, this idiot called again. He started lamenting blabla…see Juliet let me tell you, you can’t dump me like this.

What’s wrong you. I just end it there. what really triggers my anger is that each time I upload pix on Facebook, he will make a silly comments like: all that glitters are not Gold, who knows how many men u’ve deceived etc. In fact I’m coming to upload his comments.

Plz anybody that knows this taut in army uniform should help me ask him what is my offence? Or did I chop your money or what?”

This madness must stop

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